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Welding and Metal Fabricators in the Pittsburgh PA area & providers of DIY EZ railing kits throughout the United States.

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  • Discover our fabrication, welding, and erection services we offer in and around the Pittsburgh and throughout the Southwest PA area.
  • Browse through our selection of metal fabrication products which can be shipped all over the USA. Our showcase includes the original EZ rail, stair rails with base plate, wall rails, and pipe style wall rails. There is also information on how this railing can be customized for your specific needs!
  • Learn how to install our EZ rail products with our on-line instructions.

DIY EZ Rail Kits Benefits:

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    EZ rail products are constructed from the highest quality steel and aluminum materials.  They are sturdy and heavy duty, nothing like the
    flimsy material sold in your local big box store.  So yes, initially our railings appear to be a little more expensive but EZ rails will last decades when properly maintained.  We believe that EZ Rail products are unmatched in value when compared to our competitors.

  • To our knowledge we offer the ONLY metal handrail that is CORRECTLY SIZED for the customer with no further modifications needed.   Most off the shelf solutions aren’t as strong, attractive, and often require tedious cutting and/or rely on set screws and the like. With any of our wall rails there is no further assembly required.  With all other railings you will only need to attach the post via the screws which are pre-threaded at the top of each post.  These are critical to adjusting the rail to your step and also make the product shippable.  The screws at the top of the rail don’t have a tendency to loosen like systems that screw the post into the base-plate with set screws.
  • One exception is that we do build special railings for runs greater than 8 or 9 feet.  These railings will bolt together so that they can be shipped in smaller parts.
  • For our stair rail with posts we offer three mounting options for various situations–base plate or surface mounting, core drill mounting, and in the ground mounting.
  • We have a “Knowledge Base” where you can learn to measure for and install any of our stair rail or wall rail.
  • We provide excellent customer service.  It’s so easy to email or call us and get your questions answered right away; you can even order over the phone.
  • We bring fab shop expertise to the local consumer through means of the internet.  When you talk to us you are talking to people who have been building and installing rails for decades.  We know how to assess a tricky situation and devise a solution.  We sometimes need a picture and extra measurements but 99% of the time projects are doable.  If they aren’t we will tell you and advise you to find a local fabrication shop.

Join thousands of happy customers who have used the EZ rail stair rail system over the past several years.  You will be glad you did.